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About Us

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Matt Cermak  (left) and Evan Singer (right) met through sharing the same best friend. Evan grew up with Ryan. Matt played on the college golf team with him. Together, they decided it would be funny to give a joint speech (or skit.. depends on how you look at it) at Ryan’s wedding 5+ years ago. Let’s just say they brought the house down. From that moment on, their spark with a microphone and shared love for the mental side of golf and how it can help you grow off the course, and led to The Par Train Podcast being created in 2016. 

Matt comes from a big golfing family. All 4 brothers played D1 college golf. He's a short game master and played at a high level since he was 5 years old.


Evan's sport was baseball, so he refused to golf for years because it would mess with his baseball swing. It's probably one of the reasons why he's such a golf nut today and a now single-digit handicap. Evan has worked for companies like TaylorMade Golf, the NFL, and Uber and now has his own consulting company that helps golf brands with their marketing and trains employees on how to manage stress and perform. A lot of these principles in life apply to the mental side of golf too. 

Evan and Matt continue on their mission today to help frustrated golfers #EnjoyTheRide again and use golf as a catalyst for improvement on and off the course. All aboard!

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