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5 Ways to Make People Like You: A Letter From Patrick Reed’s Publicist

1. Stop being such a millennial

Once Patrick won the 2018 Masters, more stories surfaced about his “loner” personality. Ryder Cup teammate Ryan Moore admitted that he barely knows him. Other members of the team agreed that Reed isn’t a big “team room” guy. He likes to be off on his own. Even Jordan Spieth, his partner, talks about how their success as partners is driven by trying to “Beat the other”.

Patrick needs to begin embracing human interaction. Per Darren Rovel’s tweet below, take out the headphones. Turn off the phone. Come out of the corner and stop being a millennial. You’ll hold a real conversation and like it!

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 1.49.13 PM

2. Abandon Imagine Dragons

Speaking of getting rid of your headphones, it’s probably time to abandon Imagine Dragons as your “Sunday go to” as well. 

“Thunder. Thunder. Thunder. Lightning and the thunder. Painted red to fit in. I’m radioactive.”

We don’t get the lyrics and neither do you. Let’s both act like this never happened and maybe start with “Gimme Shelter” by the Stones. Call of Duty used it in one of their commercials, and Tiger loves Call of Duty so you should too.


3. Learn from Aaron Rodgers

By now you’ve probably heard about Patrick’s complicated relationship with his family from Alan Shipnuck’s article. “Neither his mother, Jeannette, or father were invited to Reed’s wedding in December 2012 and the family, including Reed’s sister, Hannah, hasn’t spoken to Patrick in several years. The family watched Reed win the Masters from their home in Augusta, Ga., just miles away from Augusta National.”

So now Patrick’s public resume includes “Shuns family”. How can a pro athlete possibly come back from this? Enter Aaron Rodgers.


After Aaron’s brother Jordan won the Bachelorette, the world learned about tthe Rodgers family issues resulting in Aaron not speaking with his family for 2+ years. Yet, we still love Aaron Rodgers. What is there to learn here?

  1. Aaron has the Discount Double Check

  2. Aaron takes selfies and even goes on off-roading adventures with his dog (As seen above)

  3. Aaron dated Olivia Munn.

The immediate goal should be to get Patrick an endorsement deal as Mr. America alongside The General Insurance, add a dog and maybe substitute your wife with Olivia Munn (At least for public appearances). #whywegetpaidthebigbucks

4. Embrace the Pink

Nike told Reed that he cannot wear red and black on Sunday at the Masters, as he normally did previously as a hat tip to his idol, Tiger Woods. Nike echoed what we’ve been thinking for years and look what happened? Patrick won the Masters. Embrace the pink. Find a cure. And never look back.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 3.05.51 PM.png

5. Make Justin Thomas the New Villain

In classic media training fashion, you have to take control of a narrative and deflect the conversation to a more favorable direction. My recommendation? Create a new villain. Justin Thomas seems like the perfect candidate? He kicks fans out of golf tournaments, is the modern-day Shooter McGavin, reminds Brandel Chamblee of Johnny Miller and has golf’s best stink face when the ball flies through the air. Do whatever you have to do, but making fans forget about why they don’t like you may be the perfect first step to making them like you more.

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