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Moving from Baseball to Golf with David Freese

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

How do Baseball Players Make the Switch to Golf?

In this episode of The Par Train, we get some tips from one of the world's best

David Freese, 2011 World Series MVP, hops aboard the Train to talk about the parallels between winning at the highest level in baseball and now retired from baseball, is obsessed with golf. David is 7 months into his golf journey and he's HOOKED. David talks about the importance of having comfort in discomfort, how he reset when he started playing tentatively, the importance of staying calm and aggressive, what Mike Trout and Albert Pujols do differently than the rest, and so much more.

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Do baseball players make good golfers?

One of the biggest struggles baseball players experience in their transition to golf is the mechanical differences of the swing.

Examples of Elite Baseball Players That Became Exceptional Golfers

  • John Smoltz

  • Mark Mulder

  • Mike Schmidt

  • Mark McGuire

  • Livan Hernandez


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Want to hop aboard and lower your scores without changing your swing?

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