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How to Get Rid of the Yips and Play Confident Golf Under Pressure

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

All aboard our first ever mental game mailbag mini-series where listeners just like you call in and get their burning questions answered. Want to call in for the next one? Leave us a voicemail at the Par Train mental game hotline at ‪213-640-7606‬!

Caller 1: Dylan has been playing the best golf of his life since listening to the Par Train (That means the world btw). BUT, Dylan is struggling on holes 15-18 when he is on track to shoot his lowest score ever. He holds on. We talk about how Dylan can shift his focus and not just shoot low 80s, but break 80 consistently!

Caller 2: Jack is struggling with the full-swing yips. We break down why the yips happen, and things he can try to finally #EnjoyTheRide again and focus less on what he's not trying to do and more on what he wants to do shot to shot.

Caller 3: Ryan, one of our good buddies, decided to call in and ask about stroke play vs. match play. He finds himself getting tentative in matches, especially on the greens, because he doesn't want to leave himself 5 footers with a hole on the line. We break down why this may be, and how Ryan can continue to play aggressive and shift his mindset to perform even better in match play!


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