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ESPN Senior Golf Writer Jason Sobel Gets Aboard The Par Train

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Show Highlights:

Buckle up golfers. This interview is a gem. Jason Sobel, the Senior Golf Writer for hops on the Par Train with some unforgettable takes and tour stories.

Highlights: -Why does Spieth need a pep talk? Jason puts on the Sports Psychologist jacket. -Jason picks the one moment in golf history to be a fly on the wall -Why Jordan jumped Rory as most important golfer in our generation -Two golfers that are just like Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady -Player on tour who is the toughest mentally (You’ll probably be surprised at his answer) -Life as a golf writer on Tour -Player interviews (Who’s the best interviewer and how can you use pressers to predict winners) -We discuss the rumors behind DJ hurting his back at the Masters -The fine line between winning and missing the cut -How Charles Howell III could be a Hall of Famer. Wut? -PGA Tour pro that you probably hate and shouldn’t -His favorite Phil story. “I really hope I don’t get myself in trouble with this story.” Dinner. Drinks. Gambling. Buckle up. -Jason’s response to my career grand slam question “You’re opening up a can of worms here…” -PGA Championship prediction

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