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5 Reasons Tiger Woods is the New Bitcoin

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Ev and Stratt take a deep dive into Tiger’s career and recent return to help you decide if he’s really back. Spoiler alert –> he’s back. Listen in for 5 reasons why Tiger is basically the new bitcoin.

Show Highlights: -5 reasons why Tiger is back -The stats you wish you knew about Tiger Woods -Soundbite from our Kevin Chappell interview giving a behind the scenes look on what Tiger was doing with the golf ball 3 weeks before the Hero Challenge -Sabermetrics deep dive into his driving distance at the Hero World Challenge vs. his averages since 1997. The results may excite you… -How big of a motivator winning for his kids will be (Remember, he’s never been dominant with kids or them being old enough to remember) -Top 3 favorite Tiger moments -Discuss the one weakness no one is talking about with fusion back surgery

-And much more

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