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The “WMO Model” and Why a Pool Party at Rae’s Creek

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Fresh off of the Waste Management Open, the Par Train crew embodied the crowd at #16, got rowdy and fired off hot take after hot take (With plenty of cocktails).

Show highlights:

-As innovation consultants for the PGA Tour, the boys came up with 3 ways to create “WMO” like buzz at other events

-Hot take on Justin Thomas and who he will grow up to be (First name Shooter…)

-LEAKED: Jason Day and Tiger Woods text message threads

-Stats and stories you wouldn’t know from the 2018 PGA Tour season so far

-Why Ev tells people to stop crying about the AT&T Pebble Beach coverage

-Dream celebrity pairings

-A sponsored word from Shank Drank

-Cermak’s to do list for our visit to Riviera

-Review the Official World Golf Ranking Top 10 list and identify a Contender and Pretender

-Obviously much more

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