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PGA Player Deep Dives – Phil “Figjam” Mickelson

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

The Par Train crew gives you the first of a brand new episode series called “PGA Player Deep Dives” where you learn never before told nuggets about your favorite PGA Tour players. This episode was focused on the man, the myth, the “Figjam” legend – Phil Mickelson.

Highlights: - Phil joins us for the first 5 minutes and gets angry… - Phil vs. Tiger stats - Did Phil play better or worse when Tiger was in the same tournament? - #WhatWouldPhilDo Everyday situations where we compare what the average Joe would do vs. what Phil would do (Buckle up) -Make sure you listen to the end to hear from Evan Gibbs, Director of R&D at Callaway Golf, who has 3 stories about his 10+ years working with Phil -3 favorite Phil moments -Are we placing bets on Phil to win the Masters? -Highlights from his amateur career -What makes Phil and Tiger at their best different than the top young players today

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