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Why the Tour Needs Walk Up Music – PGA Tour Pro Keith Mitchell

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

PGA Tour Pro Keith Mitchell is not only hilarious, he’s an innovator. This episode is almost a full hour because the stories are that good. Buckle up. Bear down. And listen to the end. Who knows, by the end, we may get a signed contract by the PGA Tour to institute walk-up music at every event.

Highlights: -Keith gives us brand new golf lingo to replace “bababooey” and “mashed potatoes” -The private jet “horror story” with JT, Zach Johnson and others where they almost left Patton Kizzire’s trophy on the runway -How Keith almost made walk up songs a thing on Tour -We all guess what tigers walk up song would be -Keith knows the REAL big cat -Stories about playing with Larry the Cable Guy and Ray Romano at AT&T Pebble Beach -Hear how Keith reacted the first time he saw Tiger at Torrey. He may be more excited than all of us for Tiger’s return. -3 ideas to grow the game. Keith picks his fav. -Why we all agree Patrick Reed should never wear red and black on sunday -Find out what “Heat it up like a hot dog” means -Why Keith thinks we‘re basically on tour already -Everyone needs to YouTube Mark Steffenhagen -“If I knew that answer to that question, I think every tour Pro would pay be a million dollars a year.” -Learn how Keith tricks himself mentally to stay focused on one shot at a time -Hear why “playing on the pga tour is the easiest of any tour I’ve played on” -What it’s like to walk on your first pga tour range as a rookie -Why the Valspar suited Tiger well -How he decides what tournaments to play -Why Dufner skips most of the tournaments until the Honda -What he’s learned from Justin Thomas’s rookie year on tour that he’s applying to his game -“If a guy like Corey Conners can get rattled, most laid back guy, anyone can.”

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