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Why Golf is My Religion with Matt Ginella

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Matt Ginella is the ultimate storyteller. From Sports Illustrated to Golf Digest to Golf Channel to documenting buddies trips all over the world. To now, the co-creator of and the Fire Pit Podcast. Matt hops on the train to talk about restoring the soul of the game, why golf is his religion, an unforgettable (untold) story about Arnold Palmer, and how he stays in the moment even when he’s playing like shit.

Key Takeaways

  1. Full interview with Matt Ginella (5:58)

  2. Evolution of Mental Approach to Golf (12:33)

  3. Mental Approach to a Golf Trip (25:57)

  4. Best Golf Story (40:48)

  5. How Can Golf Continue to Grow? (48:06)

Interesting Quotes

  1. The game of golf means so much more than just a score.”

  2. “Don’t just play the course, enjoy the town/city/location of your golf trip.”

  3. “Work to grow the amateur sport of golf.”

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