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The Family Behind Bandon Dunes and Golf Heavens Everywhere

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Chris Keiser, son of Mike Keiser, (the man behind Bandon Dunes) and VP of MLK Consulting takes us behind the scenes of building some of the best golf destinations in the world. Warning — do not listen to this unless you’re ready to ditch your job or class to go play golf. You’ll probably want to book a trip to a Keiser property immediately as well. This is a gem — enjoy!


  • Did the family think their dad was crazy when he wanted to build a golf resort in the middle of nowhere Oregon?

  • What their dad “had to get out of his system”

  • Two of their world-class courses, one of which was inspired by Pine Valley, that most people don’t know about

  • Why it took 19 years for David McClay Kidd, the architect of Bandon Dunes, to build another course with the Keiser family

  • How the Bandon Dunes property has changed and evolved over the last 19 years

  • How Sand Valley Resort is similar and different to Bandon Dunes Resort

  • The common mistake first time Bandon Dunes visitors make

  • Insider travel tips for Bandon and Sand Valley

  • Why they build fun par 3 courses at their world-class resorts

  • And much much more

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