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The Real Big Cat with Aaron Flener

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Crowned “The funniest caddie on Tour” by some of the world’s best, Aaron Flener aka the Real Big Cat joins us for some fun banter and takes us inside the ropes from the caddie perspective. Highlights:

  • We ask Aaron to talk us off the ledge like he would to a player inside the ropes

  • What it was like being in Steph Curry’s group on the Web

  • Why Michael Greller is the perfect caddie for Jordan Spieth

  • Why he’s the “Real big cat”

  • A tell all about gambling games on Tour

  • How to trick a PGA Tour player to think something was their idea

  • The best way to celebrate when your player wins on Tour

  • The common payment structures for caddies on the PGA Tour

  • How caddies survive financially

  • What you have to learn to be a good caddie on Tour

  • Hear what 3 ballin’ means when you split hotel rooms with other caddies

  • Why some of the biggest names in golf are going to a family member or buddy on the bag

  • Why caddies are most valuable when a player is in contention

  • The unconventional tip he learned from the best players in the world that amateurs can use to improve their game

  • And much more

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