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A Claret Jug Extravaganza

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Arguably the best major of the year deserves a kind of preview the world has ever seen. From a Claret Jug secret to player trends, Open history, and melting hot takes — this won’t disappoint.


  • Pep talks for Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth

  • Why the Open is better than the Masters

  • Funnier alternatives to “Champion Golfer of the Year”

  • The 4 latest trends in the game of golf right now

  • Why Carnoustie is like Wimbledon

  • 2 irons, hard fairways, brown greens and unicorns

  • The history of the “Trophy” before the Claret Jug existed (Hint: It was basically a WWE Belt)

  • The 2018 winners and their past Open performances

  • Why Phil coming into the Open as “bad boy” will help his chances

  • Why picking Molinari feels so wrong

  • Tiger’s chances and the promise we make to each other if he wins

  • Tough love for Rory

  • And much more

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