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Seamus Golf – Authenticity is Everything with Akbar Chisti

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

The Par Train crew sits down with Akbar Chisti, the man behind Seamus Golf, to talk about everything from starting your dream business, to Matt Kuchar, to goat caddies and much more. Whether you’re a golf nut or you have a dream, this conversation is for you. Akbar is a living example that nothing is more important than authenticity.


  • A must listen Matt Kuchar / Ryder Cup story,

  • The funny story about how Seamus Golf got started

  • How they got into Bandon Dunes as their first golf shop

  • What has happened in the last 3-5 years that has made the look of your golf bag a form of personal expression

  • Why Oregon is the new hotbed for cool golf gear and experiences

  • What it’s like to play in Bandon’s Summer Solstice event every year

  • Goat caddies

  • Biggest surprise about the golf industry

  • How to break into the golf industry

  • Advice on how to start your own business

  • Why “Giving your buddies a Christmas gift” may be the ultimate business lesson you’ll ever learn.

  • A dream day in golf is _______

  • The importance of design when building a brand

  • The impact nostalgia can have on people wanting your product

  • And much more!

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