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The Funniest Guy in Golf @PGAMEMES

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

The @PGAMEMES account on Instagram has grown like wildfire this past season. The posts are hilarious, savage and spot-on to what’s happening on the PGA Tour. So spot on that people wonder who’s behind the account? Is it someone with ties on Tour? Is it an ex-player? A caddie? Today — we find out. Well, kind of. To keep his identity a secret, we have disguised his voice. Get ready for a ride unlike any other.


  • The funny stories about the pros who can’t handle the jokes

  • The story behind how @PGAMEMES got started

  • How to get 40,000 followers in 30 days

  • Tips and tricks to grow your Instagram followers

  • Keys to creating engaging content

  • Deconstructing his favorite memes

  • Patrick Reed vs. Ian Poulter – Who’s more unlikeable?

  • The creative process

  • And much more!

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