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The Golf Addiction Epidemic

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Chipping away is a new mini series where the Train crew unpacks why certain things are the way they are — asking questions that others aren’t asking. Why is golf an addiction, why does it make people crazy, is it an elitist game, shared suffering or the ultimate bitch lover? Hope your mind is ready for this one, because it’s about to be blown.


  • Why is golf an addiction

  • Why do we even care so much about golf?

  • What makes golf different than other sports

  • Why golf is basically insanity

  • Is golf less enjoyable if you’re a scratch golfer?

  • Is golf the only sport where the vast majority of people are bad at it?

  • What you all have in common with Barack Obama and Justin Timberlake

  • The mental side of the game

  • The power of expectations

  • How Jack Nicklaus forced himself to get in the zone

  • Process vs. the results

  • Zen Golf’s most impactful mental hack

  • Why committing is everything

  • What separates the pros on Tour vs. everyone else

  • Why golf is the ultimate bitch lover

  • Elitist game or shared suffering?

  • Segment: Golfer’s Anonymous – An opportunity for golf addicts to finally fight against their denial.

  • A quick 2 minute lesson from a short game master

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