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The Life of Rory “Back Door” McIlroy

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

The second edition of our player profiles episode format is here. We take you DEEP into your favorite players’ life and career stories unlike ever before. This week? Rory “Back Door” McIlroy. Embrace debate. Buckle up.


  • Rory’s amateur career highlights that you probably didn’t know

  • Find out what Rory has accomplished that only 3 other players in history have done

  • What only thing Rory did that made him Tiger-esque

  • Why Rory is the biggest back door guy in history

  • Rory’s “Madden Curse”

  • Why Brandel Chamblee would’ve never talked about Rory’s body if he went to East Tennessee State

  • The parallel universe that would be the Irish Dufner

  • Rory controversies

  • Rory vs. Spieth: Who will finish with the better career?

  • What would make Rory more likable

  • Fat boy Rory vs. Buff Rory

  • 5 innovative strategies to make Rory smile more #yawelcome

  • Will he win another major?

  • And much much more

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