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The Unwritten Codes of Life, People and Golf with Oliver Horovitz

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Oliver Horovitz is one of the best examples of people living the dream. A NYT Best Selling Author, Emmy Award winning producer and now the host of his own show on NBC Sports — Caddie Codes. If you love good travel stories and want to figure out how to make your own dreams come true — this is a must listen to the end.


  • What makes golf the ultimate connector in life

  • How to get your own show

  • The 3 easy steps to get entered into the Mongolian National Open (And eventually get into the Masters…)

  • Pratima Sherpa’s first experience playing in a pro event

  • Fun stories and secrets about Bethpage Black

  • How to get paid travel writing jobs and overcome creative resistance

  • And much more

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