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The Fine Line Between Insanity and Entrepreneurship with Barney Adams

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Founder of Adams Golf, author of the WOW Factor and now an entrepreneur again at 80 years young, Barney Adams drops quote after quote, priceless stories and some hilarious nuggets of wisdom. This one was special.

Highlights: We challenge Barney to come up with anything in life that produces a better feeling that a perfectly hit 3 wood (we’ll wait), why so many golfers fall in love with fly fishing, how Adams Golf got started, what the golf industry can learn from other industries, what you do when your company grows from $1.5M to $100M in one year, why he had no choice to go back into business at 80 years young, why it’s impossible for you to NOT putter better with the Stability Shaft and much much more.

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