Welcome aboard The Par Train.

A podcast and community about making the mental game more relatable in golf and life.

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Where frustrated golfers learn to enjoy the ride again.


Our Mission

Golf is the hardest game in the world. 

One day it can feel easy and insurmountable the next, even for the best players in the world!

We believe golf is about so much more than just our score. It's a practice that teaches us wisdom we can use off the course. 

It's easy to get upset after a bad golf shot. It's not as easy to smile despite an errant shot. That's the lesson. How can we all learn to relax into the chaos and elevate our golf games AND our happiness as people.

Enjoy the ride, no matter what. That's what The Par Train is about. All aboard!

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Our Audience
70% ages 25-44
Make 1.4x average household income
93% men
64% based in the US
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Our Listeners Are Getting Results

“I love the podcast. I’m a 15 handicap and become so much more confident thanks to you. My scores are going lower too! Thanks so much guys. Keep up the great work.”