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Why the PGA Tour’s New Slogan Deserves a Two-Shot Penalty

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

For the first time in more than 20 years, the PGA TOUR is launching a new advertising campaign designed to capture and celebrate the energy and spirit of today’s TOUR. “Live Under Par” becomes the TOUR’s first new theme and tagline since “These Guys Are Good,” the longest-running advertising campaign among major sports, debuted in 1997.

As the experts who serve millions of people at even par, we’ve got 3 reasons why #LiveUnderPar should have to walk back to the tee box, all alone and receive a 2 shot penalty.

1. It’s Like a Parent Who Gets Mad When Their Child Gets an A-

Joe Arcuri, the Chief Marketing Officer of the PGA TOUR, said: “The new campaign captures not just a way to play, but a way to be.” We’re all about striving for greatness. In a world of Instagram feeds, we’re too much of a highlight reel culture. Certainly, the average golf guy should know what being under par is all about.

The Executive Creative Director of the PGA Tour’s agency said, “Live Under Par is an invitation for both players and fans to participate, no matter which side of the ropes you’re on.”


2. You Can’t Fool Us With Your Emojis

We love this. This is a CLASSIC corporate move. The 55-year-old executive tasks the hip, creative agency to “Do more with social media?”. The answer? Show emojis and social icons on EVERYTHING!

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 2.52.18 PM.png

Dear PGA Tour — showing us emojis doesn’t make us want to post more emojis. You know what does make us want to post emojis? Walk up music at tour events. No need to thank us. We’ll just sit outside the ropes and keep innovating.

3. It’s an Attack on the Common Man

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? Hell, it’s why we all fell in love with the 9th alternate, John Daly, when he miraculously won the ‘91 PGA.


Do you think John Patrick Daly (Yep — we looked up his middle name #journalism) lives under par? Na. He’s a #partrainguy. A grinder. A guy that can shoot under par for a stretch of holes but is also known for making a big number and going off the rails #trainpuns. We don’t want to sit here and poke the bear that is the PGA Tour, but we can’t stand by as our brand gets attacked. You can have our walk up music idea. Just don’t sleep on the common man. We’ll get up and down. All. Damn. Day.

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